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5 destinations in Kulon Progo

5 destinations in Kulon Progo

Kulon Progo is a district in the province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The capital city is wates.

Like inviting other cities Kulon Progo also has many exciting tourist attractions to visit. Especially if you are a celebrity. Here are the most exciting places in Progo Kulon that you must visit.

1. Kalibiru

Kalibiru is the most popular tourist destination in the Kulon Progo Regency of Yogyakarta, located in Hargowilis Kokap Kulon Progo, recently Kalibiru tourism has become very popular and is a byword among hunters of tourism destinations in Yogyakarta.

2. Congot beach mangrove forest

This congot beach magrove forest is actually a conservation place and not a tourist place, but because of the increasing interest of the community in tourism, especially in Yogyakarta itself does not have a natural mangrove forest, then over time the mangrove forest on the congot beach has turned into one of the tourist destinations that are starting enjoy doing. Still managed by local residents, access and facilities in the mangrove forest are still inadequate.

3. Perawan waterfalls

Sidoharjo perawan waterfall is located in Sidoharjo Village, Samigaluh District, Kulon Progo Regency. Our Jogja Exotic team started the journey to the location of the waterfall from the city of Jogja, the shortest route to quickly get from the city to the location is via jl. Godean, which is approximately 29 km away, takes 1 hour by motorcycle.

4. Sewu grooves

The name Grojogan Sewu waterfall is already quite a market in the world of tourism in Indonesia, one of which is Grojogan Sewu waterfall in Central Java, but there is also in Kulon Progo. The meaning of the name grojogan sewu itself can be interpreted as a thousand shower or logically a waterfall that has a large water discharge.

5. Suroloyo Peak

Suroloyo Peak is the highest point in the hills of Menoreh which is west of the city of Jogja, has an altitude of 1,019 meters above sea level, the peak of Suroloyo is an excellent destination for tourists who want to look at 4 mountains at once, namely Merbabu Mountain, Merapi, Sindoro Sumbing and the beautiful city of Yogyakarta from above height.