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Viar, a motorcycle owned by Indonesia

Viar, a motorcycle owned by Indonesia

Viar is

One of the brands of tricycle motorcycle is very famous in the domestic market. Often thought Brand made in China, Viar turned out to be the original motor brand of Indonesia, which has an assembly plant in Semarang.

According to Viar,

they are brand owners, not brand holders (APM) agents. In principle, Viar is owned by Indonesia, rather than foreign. Nevertheless, there are still components imported from other countries, especially Taiwan.

Despite the focus on three-wheeled

or commercial wheels, Viar has also released motorcycles in other segments. If you open the official site, this manufacturer has been producing motorcycle adventure, motor touring, even electric-powered motors.

Viar in the early career

by presenting several types of Matic and sport motors. Only the popularity of both types of motorcycles seems to fail in the market because it has a fairly high competition. For that, nowadays, Viar is more focused on Viar dirt bikes, Viar wheels 3 and also an ATV motor Viar. With more promoting the products, to date Viar increasingly in the interest of the community because they are able to present a motor with a high functionality. Not even long ago Viar successfully released Viar electric motor under the name Viar Q1.

The most expensive price

of the motor Viar Cross x 250 EC is 43 million rupiah. With the price of Viar Trail which is relatively cheap, you can have an off-road motorcycle with a 250cc engine.

The Viar Trail Motor

is arguably one of the best selling products in Indonesia. By offering variants in the categories of 70cc engines, 100cc, 150cc, and the most expensive 250cc, of course every consumer will be able to choose according to their budget. The reason for this Viar trail motorcycle is also different, but once the price of Viar trail is still much cheaper compared to some other dirt bikes in Indonesia such as Honda Trail motor, Kawasaki Trail motor, or Yamaha trail motor.

For those

of you who have hobby off-road certainly does not hurt if you make Viar dirt bike as a choice. What's more if you choose an Viar trail with 250cc capacity you will still get a reasonably priced price. For example, if you choose to buy a motorcycle tail Viar Cross X 250 EC. Meanwhile, the most expensive ATV Viar motor is priced at 29 million rupiah.

Minimal budget but reliable quality,

surely viar motor can really be your alternative. Especially by buying Viar Motors, that means you have already shown that you are the one who loves the product in the state that is worthy of us to give high appreciation. But you also need to know, if the price of Viar bikes can still change at any time. Well that's the information about the price list of Viar bikes that we can share hopefully useful.