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All services provided follow the applicable rules and are determined by QUX.ME.

Article Disclaimer:

QUX.ME is not responsible for the non-delivery of data / information conveyed by readers through various types of communication channels (e-mail, sms, online form) due to unexpected technical error factors

QUX.ME has the right to load, not load, edit, and / or delete data / information submitted by the reader.

Data and / or information available at QUX.ME are only mere references / references, and are not expected for the purpose of stock trading, financial / business transactions or other transactions. Although various efforts have been made to display data and / or information as accurately as possible, QUX.ME and all partners who provide data and information, including the managers of the consultation page, are not responsible for any errors and delays in updating data or information, or any losses arising from actions related to the use of data / information presented by QUX.ME.

Adult Content Policy

This policy regulates all adult content published in QUX.ME. Articles that contain adult content are those that contain genital organs and contain elements of sexuality. To be able to access adult content, the reader must be 18 years or older and follow the following conditions:

Readers must log in.
After logging in, the reader must fill in and confirm the date of birth. The data provided must be true, QUX.ME is not responsible for incorrect data.
The active session secconnect login is valid for two weeks. When the active session ends, the user will be asked to login to connect again to be able to read adult content articles.